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The Tape: Inaction Jackson

From Sunday afternoon to Monday night, Seattle took five swift hits to the chin. Jab, the Mike Wahle hold call was valid. Jab, mediocre Green Bay puts an end to Seattle's playoff hopes. Straight right, Matt Hasselbeck is seriously injured. Jab, the once juggernaut Giants and their elite defense descends earthbound. Uppercut, Lawrence Jackson sucks.

Let's get to the scorecard:

Lawrence Jackson

2nd Qtr

-No rush

-Stands up blocker

-Washed out

-Whiffs against tight end Humphrey, falls onto the ground

-Great contain by Mebane and Jackson, tackle for loss of 1

-False Start

-Rolls left, good contain

-3 man line, edge rush, attempts to cut back inside, falls down

-RDT: Good outside move, neutralized

-GL, holds against double team

-GL, not in

He was subbed out a couple times, but very sparingly.

3rd Qtr

-Holds point

-DT: Jumps, attempts swat

-Nothing from interior

-Decent collapse from interior

-A little edge rush, a lot of nothing

-Stunts in s.l.o.w.l.y.

-Slow, exhausted jog

-Slow walk out, doesn't attempt to close hole

-Double blocked, shades out, quits*

Jackson got most of the looks. He's okay on the interior and good in run support. His major problem is when he isolates a blocker, he's helpless. He has nothing, no feet, no hands, nothing to even come close to shedding the linemen.

Julian Peterson

2nd Qtr

-Gets up field fast

3rd Qtr

-Good outside move, jumps, attempts swat

-Edge Rush

-Gets wide, nothing

-Great edge rush

-Edge Pressure

-Switches sides with Kerney, great pass rush

Darryl Tapp

3rd Qtr

-Gets around edge, draws two blockers, holds point

-Strings Clifton wide, cuts off outside, opens gap for Grant, Tatupu

-Moves in, draws double team

-Burst wide, cuts in tackles for no gain

-Nothing (Jennings for 45 and the score)

-Holds hole okay

-Blocked out

-Double blocked, hustles his ass off chasing Rodgers out of the pocket.*

-Gets edge, pushes off blocker, closes in on Grant but is not credited for the tackle.

*Same play.

It's not like Tapp was a shining star, but compared to Jackson, Tapp was a supernova. Jackson was a non-factor for most of the game and by the end of the third quarter, visibly gassed. I'm hoping this is just one bad game, but Jackson's on the radar. This is in no way an argument that Jackson is a bust, but right now he's a big part of what's wrong with Seattle's defense. Simeon Rice he isn't. I know he's a rookie, but after this game, a benching is due. He looks Baraka Atkins bad.