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Imminent Turnover and Turnovers Never Arriving

Looking for inspiration for what I want to write but can't I found slow day speculation on Mike Holmgren's future. I normally avoid the milieu, attempt to concentrate on the game rather than the backstory, but tell me this doesn't sound like an honest man trying not to lie.

When talking to Seattle's media earlier Wednesday, Holmgren sounded disappointed to be asked about whether the 49ers job would cause him to reconsider his future.

"You are really going to ask this ... Right now, the plan is to stay with the plan I told you: We're going to take the year off, find out a little bit about myself. And that's the plan right now," Holmgren said.

Ever used the phrase "the plan right now"? Ever seen that plan through? Yeah.

Not that I want another season of halfhearted Holmgren, but it will sting seeing him in the hated red and gold. But that's not what's got me. It's not that Seattle's so bad that losing last week didn't affect their playoff chances. Or even that Seattle's pronounced underdogs against the 49ers. It's that Seattle's last in the league at forcing turnovers. They're on a pace for just 13, one more than the 2006 Redskins. Their 12 is the lowest in recent history. No other team since 2002 has fewer than 15.

I wonder, is this payback for 2006?

Are Seattle's three projected interceptions poetic justice for Brian Russell's 2003?

Whatever it is, if you want to know why Seattle's defense has failed, why even the diehards are talking draft and why Hasselbeck probably should be shutdown, the discussion starts with turnovers. And for a rational man, who loves football, that's so Goddamn depressing it hurts.