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Pre-Scouting: Ciron Black and Geno Atkins and Curtis Taylor--Oh My!

I'm giving the podcast a week off so I can sit around in my underwear and watch college football like a regular man on a glorious Saturday afternoon. I've got my hands on some Red Seal, so when I say glorious I'm not talking sun-gilded grass or torn-tissue cloudscapes.

CBS is airing a game that should be of great interest to Seahawks fans. Georgia at LSU has two juniors that Seattle will have on their shortlist should they declare: Left Tackle Ciron Black and Defensive Tackle Geno Atkins. I'm very high on both, and given my known love and high evaluation of dominant pass rushing tackles, am especially excited to see Atkins at work again. A darkhorse that is slipping too many's attention is Free Safety Curtis Taylor. Taylor was buried behind Laron EFFIN Landry, so his limited starting experience shouldn't be held against him. He's known as a big hitter, with good athleticism and could be the mid-round cure for Brian Russell.