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Game Thread: Seahawks @ 49ers

In week 2, Seattle sacked J.T. O'Sullivan 8 times. To accomplish that they blitzed a whopping 18 times. If a team ran a 10 man blitz on every snap, how many sacks would they record? How many passing yards would they allow? O'Sullivan threw for 321. Mike Martz would make that exchange every game. Will Seattle again blitz every 3.5 plays?

Seattle's front four should be stepped up with Darryl Tapp starting. Keeping players in coverage will allow Seattle to turn some of that pressure into interceptions. Something they couldn't do in week two.

We've talked turnovers. They're not wholly luck. They're just too random to be predicative of future success. So when I say Seattle's turnovers should regress towards the mean, I'm not exonerating their former performance, only arguing that a team with the principles of turnover creation, pass rush and run stopping, should have an above average turnover rate. Seattle hasn't. Research has shown that turnovers have no in-season consistency. The turnaround could come this week, next week or never.