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Game Thread: Seahawks @ 49ers 2

Quick Cap:

Seneca Wallace needs to step up. San Francisco's defense is going to key run from here on out. Wallace either puts it together, resemble an NFL caliber quarterback, or Seattle's offense will sputter and cede field position for the rest of the game. Seattle's special teams-their punting-is so bad, they will lose ground every time their drive stalls. Eventually, that can lose Seattle the game.

From a talent standpoint, Seattle's defense is very good, but if 2008 has taught us anything, execution and play calling decide the game. Talents wins out, but game to game, execution and play calling can be decisive. Something very quiet, but hugely important has changed the face of Seattle's defense: Retaining coverage even as a play breaks down. This is a first for this season. That, Tapp, and Wilson, yes Josh Wilson, maligned and rightfully after being abused by Eli Manning, Seattle has shown the first promising signs of recovery.

Oh and, damn right Shaun Hill. Let's get our blowout.