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Holmgren Presser In 5, 4, 3...

Here's the link. I'll live blog like normal. Good news, good news, good whammies!

Holmgren recognizing the role of luck. Woot. Seattle's defense: create turnovers. Kind of think that's every team's defense.

Matt seeing Dr. Watkins today. More will be known tomorrow.

Tatupu=Groin Strain. Should play.

Kerney=Re-injured shoulder. Same shoulder as he previously had surgery on. Sounds like he might miss this week.

Changed passing philosophy last week, hope that means more short passes.

No Branch. Out this week, looking at next week. Not certain what's wrong with him. Worked him out hard, was real sore afterward.

Wilson is growing up. Guess he's a chatterbox. Holmgren "really likes him a lot". Very pleased with his play.

Philly good at not tipping blitzes. "Tremendous challenge".

Someone asks about Mike Singletary's press conference. Christ.

Really not talking Seahawks here...

Dear God.

Scott: "Did [Willingham] ever give you an explanation for why he didn't smile more?"

And now we get a coin flip question. I kid you not.

I can't wrap my head around the triviality, jocularity and inanity of this press conference. One question, one, about the Seahawks--

Now some guy is name dropping Joe Montana.

JOE MONTANA! Who is noteworthy how?