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I'm a Humorless Prick and this Made Me Laugh

How does Russell do it?  Well, how would YOU do it if you were too slow and too weak to stop any play on the field?  Your only hope to make up for, say, a 29-yard Frank Gore run after you accidentally set a pick on a teammate (that actually happened on Sunday) is to be a huge enough asshole — just come off as a total bitch of a man, a weakling with a big mouth — that larger, faster, and more talented players lose their cool and rightfully smack your stupid bitch face.

Russell is the mutated Nth stage of Tim Ruskell's philosophy. All grit, savvy and leadership but no talent. Like a high school coach or waterboy. I figure every team has its Brian Russell. Let's see if we can make a team.

I nominate Brian Leonard, recently IRed fullback for Saint Louis. Leonard is a man without a position or possession of NFL talent. He's a stiff, slow running back or a small, weak and fragile fullback--depending how you'd like to squander that second round pick.