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Quick Cap: Giants 44 - Seahawks 6

If you're a Giants fan, save it. There's nothing anyone can say that'll make this burn more or be more discouraging.

If it could, today would have counted as two losses. But it can't, and though today offers nothing but blight and hopelessness, it's one loss and the quicker it's forgotten the better for everyone.

I don't know what else to say. I feel sick. Figuratively, literally, sick, like glass shards in my blood and fire in my stomach.

I'll say this, Seattle needs wholesale changes in its secondary. Seneca Wallace for free safety? Seneca Wallace for defensive coordinator?

Seattle needs two wins to regain .500. It needs 10 to feel confident it will win the division. Nine in the next 13. Hard, hard as hell and maybe unlikely? Damn right. A little drama in October; It could be worse.