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The Tape: The Good Play

I'll cover what went wrong, i.e. everything else, in the notes section, but before we wallow in that morass, let's talk about something that went right.

In which Tatupu redeems himself and Kerney records his 4th sack of the season:

Second play of New York's 3rd drive of the quarter, 2nd and 6 from the Giants 29. New York breaks 2 WR, Hb, I. Seattle starts in a 4-3, but adjusts to a 3-4 moments before the snap. The new outside linebacker? Patrick Kerney. Kareem McKenzie is on the sideline, replaced by guard Kevin Boothe. You won't hear it much around here, but this is a savvy call by John Marshall.

Seattle starts in simple 4-3, line and linebackers neutral. Before the snap, Kerney steps out of his three-point stance and stands upright opposite Boothe. It's a new wrinkle Seattle's been toying with since the preseason and possibly an attempt to mitigate lost explosion off the snap by Kerney. At the snap, Kerney fires around right end on a prototype speed rush/edge rush. He gets a step on Boothe and a path to Eli Manning. This is when Lofa does the Lofa thing, being the engine behind so many successful plays, blitzing through the exposed left "B" gap and drawing Derrick Ward. Ward picks up Tatupu, but the trap is triggered and Kerney is clear to the quarterback. Kerney sacks Manning and forces a fumble. Nice play.