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The Tape: Greg Jennings' Two Moves for 26

Cowboys 3 - Packers 0

1-10-GB 26 (Q1: 13:07)

The Green Bay Packers align in a 2 WR, 2TE, RB set with Aaron Rodgers under center. The Dallas Cowboys align in a base 3-4, OLBs wide. Greg Jennings is on the offensive left. Anthony Henry is playing 10 yards off opposite Jennings. At the snap, Rodgers takes a single step drop, opens his stance right and throws cross body left. The fake right draws both inside linebackers. Jenning slants hard in, receives, never breaks stride, continues three yards in, stops on a dime, swims Henry, breaks left, gives a slight stutter step up field that wobbles Ken Hamlin, continues towards the sideline and records 26 before Hamlin recovers for the tackle out of bounds.