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The Tape: Dominoes

Cowboys 3 - Packers 3

2-10-GB 48 (Q1: 3:23)

The Dallas Cowboys align 2 WR, Rb (left); WR, TE (Right), Tony Romo in shotgun. The Green Bay Packers align in a 4-2 nickel. At the snap, right tackle Marc Colombo and right guard Leonard Davis double left defensive tackle Colin Cole. Cole looks a little like Howard Green: Short, stout and too easily blocked. Tight end Jason Witten engages right defensive end Aaron Kampman. Left guard Kyle Koser pulls right. Marion Barber receives the handoff and begins, methodically right. Step. Slowdown. Step. Colombo and Davis swallow Cole. Left linebacker A.J. Hawk charges downhill into the suddenly gaping right "C" gap, is met and then cut by the pulling Koser. Barber enters the beginning of the hole, ashoulder Kampman. Kampman pushes Witten high, grabs Witten and then tosses him aside, but the momentum leaves him unbalanced and behind Barber. Barber advances. Colombo disengages Cole, blindsides linebacker Nick Barnett, leaves Barnett stumbling towards the exiting Barber; Barnett attempts to tackle but buries his left shoulder into strong safety Aaron Rouse. The collision picks Rouse, Barnett can't wrap, Rouse manages only an arm, and Barber, so adept at getting low and powering through tackles, gets low and powers through Rouse. Barber explodes out of the broken tackle, cuts up field and records a tidy 25.