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Open Thread: Mike Holmgren Talks Defeat

Can you smell the platitudes? They're barreling down on you like a "better execution", "we're still in it", "we just need to get our guys back" freight train.



Back: Hasselbeck, Branch

Out: Kerney

Questionable: Weaver

Right guard is between Womack and Willis, with Womack having the edge if healthy.

The team might make a move at wide receiver. That could mean sending Jordan Kent back down and recalling Courtney Taylor or Michael Bumpus. It sounds like odds are on Taylor, but I'm sure performance in practice will ultimately decide.

Straight up, I thought Holmgren was retiring, he looks SO beat down. (He's not retiring)

First "execute better".

Plan on Matt Hasselbeck being back. What Hasselbeck brings: "He's played more football" "He can get us out of a bad play a little bit easier"

If Hasselbeck can't play, Holmgren might have to start Frye.

Kerney = Doubtful

"We'll know a lot more by Wednesday."

Weaver = Questionable (Bruised ribs)

Branch should be back.

Holmgren thinks that will help free up Engram.

False starts: "Rarely can you give me a good reason for that."

"Think about a plan without Weaver."

Schmitt didn't get any reps during the week. Interesting. I would love to see what Schmitt does with a week's worth of first team practice.

Mike Holmgren has "tremendous respect" for the Cardinals coaching staff.

Regarding receivers: "We're going to look at the whole thing again." Mentions Courtney Taylor. I think kid's getting the call up. "Could get some changes there."

Mike Holmgren: "I've never had a season like this. Ever."

"Mike wife always says [losing is] character building. I'm old. My character is set."

"I thought [Womack] was going to play."

Sounds like it's a toss up between Willis and Womack. Holmgren calls Womack "Chop". It's endearing. Man, I hope Willis wins out. He's SO much better.

Holmgren explains his "grading system". It's what you'd expect, completing the assignment and completing it well. A bit binary for my tastes.

Mike Holmgren on John Carlson: "Very quiet and very bright . . . very mentally tough." Says he can coach him hard. "Wish I had him ten years ago."

"Every so often you get a guy who's been hugged his whole life."

Phrase of the press conference "keep my head above water."