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The Tape: Josh Wilson's First Quarter

Josh Wilson got plenty of looks in the first. On many, he was inches from awesome. Occasionally he was solid, and never did he really do anything too bad. I'll take that from a second year corner matched against Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

Here's a play by play look with occasional elaboration: 

  1. Wilson over Fitz, man coverage, Warner looks left, turns, looks right, succumbs to the blitz, flips the ball high into the air and somehow Levi Brown catches it and runs for four. Those who deny the role of luck in football - watch a game.
  2.  Over Fitz, off coverage, does not factor.
  3. Man, run right, does not factor.
  4. Off, nickel, short zone, does not factor
  5. Man, tight coverage, Fitz receives for 8.
  6. Off, doesn't factor
  7. Man, quick slant to Fitz, very tight cover, ball thrown perfectly, Fitz displays amazing hands extending from his body and making a sure catch, 3 yards, first down allowed.
  8. Nickel, blitzes, Boldin for 13.
  9. Nickel, end around, Wilson is blocked by Anquan Boldin. Wilson forces himself right and towards the ball carrier, held; Anquan Boldin, offensive holding, ten yard penalty.
  10. Does not factor
  11. Contains Leonard Pope, Tatupu records the tackle.
  12. Blitz, pressure, forces short pass, Boldin stopped after six. Punt.

Second Drive:

  1. Jumps route, nearly picks it, bobbles pass, ball bounces into Boldin's hands, Boldin for 9.
  2. Nickel, Wilson right, Boldin breaks through Kelly Jennings, Brian Russell and runs around Deon Grant. Wilson runs across the field and tackles Boldin after 45.
  3. Wilson is drawn away from a run play, does not factor.
  4. Zone, doesn't factor.
  5. Off coverage, run play. Does not factor.
  6. Short zone right, Fitzgerald receives for twenty. Does not factor.
  7. Short zone, does not factor.

That's a pretty good quarter. Wilson bares no responsibility for Boldin's long reception. He was solid against Fitzgerald and within centimeters of a pick and even contributed as a blitzer.