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The Tape: John Carlson's and Josh Wilson's Second Quarter

Matt Hasselbeck has avoided blame, but played terrible. Excuses abound, valid and otherwise. When a fan favorite declines, fans tend to take the long route to accepting it, ripping through the new, disliked and provably bad player's first. And though I'm a long way from saying Hasselbeck has spiraled into an inexorable decline towards retirement a la Shaun Alexander, it's overdue we recognize that this season might be Hasselebeck's first step towards losing it. It's not controversial to say a 33 year old quarterback with an intermediate peak and a lengthy injury history might be in the midst of decline, it's controversial to say your team's 33 year old quarterback with a intermediate peak and a lengthy injury might be in the midst of decline. This isn't just about timing, injury and surrounding talent, Hasselbeck is making bad reads. On both of Rogers-Cromartie's picks, the pass was thrown slow enough that Rogers-Cromartie simply overtook the receiver without breaking coverage. I want the Beck of old back as much as anyone, but what has he done to make us believe that's possible?

 John Carlson

  1. Quick Curl in the middle, open
  2. Blocks out Gerald Hayes
  3. Good block
  4. Slow release, Beck sacked
  5. Motions right to left, pulls right in front of Julius Jones, blocks DB
  6. Outlet right
  7. So-so block against Chike Okeafor
  8. Trips, does not factor

Second Drive

  1. Seam route
  2. Drag, completely open, Hasselbeck throws a pick

Third Drive

  1. Double hitch corner route; awesome route, wide open, drops ball
  2. Good block, outlets right

Curl, decoy, Morris for the score. Carlson is Seattle's first tight end since Stevens opponents are clearly game planning for. Assuming this offense progresses, Carlson's presence should help open up plays underneath.

Josh Wilson

  1. Off to Man cover, tight cover down the sideline, nearly tips it, no deep help, a second early on the jump. Wilson is coming down as Fitzgerald is receiving the pass.
  2. Dime, drops, tackles Jordan Babineaux's assignment. Gets shoulder pat from Tats.
  3. Dime, does not factor.
  4. Blitz, blocked in back.
  5. Blown coverage Babs, Wilson tackles Babs assignment.
  6. Dime, does not factor.
  7. Dime, does not factor.
  8. Dime, does not factor. (Tapp sack)

Second Drive

  1. Run, blocked out by Fitz
  2. Dime, does not factor. (Seattle played a lot of Dime)
  3. Dime, tracks Jerheme's Urban's route perfectly, tracks Warner's eye, pass, breaks on ball, picks, nearly runs it in for the score. Wilson is remarkably advanced at shadowing routes while simultaneously tracking the ball in flight. Trufant didn't show such ball skill before last season.

Third Drive

  1. Dime, does not factor.
  2. Dime, covers Urban
  3. Dime, does not factor.
  4. Dime, does not factor.
  5. Protect right mid-flat, does not factor