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Game Thread: Eagles @ Seahawks 2

Quick Cap:

It's a good, tight ball game. Seattle needs its run game to make some strides, because through the half the Eagles have turned it into a liability. Obviously, the Eagles have an excellent run D and are sitting run, but getting some gains, converting some firsts, that's what Seattle needs to take some burden off Wallace. Wallace has played well. He's holding the ball too long and is hit and miss under pressure - flipping two impossibly stupid "passes" - but this is a damn good defense and he's making some good passes, finding open men and has suffered some drops. Right now, Wallace is outperforming his offense.

The D is playing strong, but you can see some cracks. If Seattle can't keep its offense on the field, the bend breaks and the Eagles will turn this into a blowout. We're already starting to see that.

Despite the score, this game is trending badly. If this season ever had a man-up time, it's the second half of this game.