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Game Thread: Redskins @ Seahawks

I just heard Bill Cowher give his first key to the Jets beating the Titans:

Play Mistake Free Football

And now they're showing a Jet sacking Matt Hasselbeck evidencing New York's pass rush. The two teams haven't played since 2004. I have to ask, do sports fans really deserve so little?

According to Football Outsiders, Washington has the 11th ranked pass defense. That's on par with the Cardinals. Functionally, they're equivalent. Arizona embarrassed Seattle's passing offense and no one played worse than Hasselbeck. So here we go, one week later, does Hasselbeck play better? He can't bounce back, because last Sunday is in line with how he's played all season. Per play, Hasselbeck has contributed less than JaMarcus Russell. He's been, plainly, horawful.

Word is, Chris Spencer might not start. That would mean Field Gulls favorites Floyd Womack and Steve Vallos will start. Know the name Kedric Golston? Give it six hours. That should further weaken Seattle's run game putting that much more pressure on Matt Hasselbeck. And round and round...

Seattle needs a great game by its defense to win. With the conference out of reach, how jacked can they be? Seattle is completely outmatched and truly worse than their statistics say. Yet I have this sneaking suspicion Seattle will win. Watch Justin Forsett.