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Quick Cap: Cowboys 34 - Seahawks 9

These are the seasons that test our fandom. If you're still reading this site, you're obviously hardcore.

So what can we take from today?

Being fired up doesn't make a player play better. Sorry for the thousands who bought into some moronic revenge angle and started Julius Jones this week.

I'll leave the rest for another day. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Game Ball: John Carlson is an exceptional tight end. If he makes a second year jump typical of tight ends, he should contend for the Pro Bowl next season. When I watched him in college, I had no questions about his hands. So when he had a string of drops a few weeks back, I was sure it was a hiccup on the way to becoming a great tight end. Excluding a tip, Carlson converted six of six targets. His performance, especially in light of Seattle's terrible pass offense, is something special.

Feel Good Performance: Baraka Atkins with a tackle for a loss, a hustle tackle after eleven and hit on Tony Romo. He's coming along.

Discussion: Can Seattle properly give experience to and audition its young offensive talent with anyone under center other than Matt Hasselbeck?