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Open Thread: Let's Do this Press Conference Thing

Without a typical week's worth of BS side-stories, no silly outburst by coaches or former acquaintances stepping down, whatever will they talk about?

Here's the relevant stuff:

Nothing conclusive on Hasselbeck. It sounds bad. Certainly sounds like he's out for at least this next week.

Red Bryant suffered a high ankle sprain and will miss "weeks".

No sound to start. Normal injury stuff. Nothing earth-shattering.

The Matt Hasselbeck situation is growing ever more nebulous. Holmgren says he heard good news today, but cut himself off from saying something very negative.

"Did you get the box of muffins the other team sent you because you're soft?" A line Holmgren would not use on the Seahawks.

Mic the questions. Everything Holmgren says is out of context.

"Are you seeing improvement?"

(Long Pause)

"Good way to start" "Seeing flashes" "Not seeing tremendous improvement overall" "Robinson improving" "Guys in the offensive line"

"I guarantee you this will flip when you have all your guys." Holmgren seems to think it's injuries.

"Crowd the line of scrimmage. Play man to man ... they don't care if we throw." Very true.

Holmgren seems very hesitant talking about Hasselbeck. Sheesh. Very noble not to say anything negative about Wallace.

Holmgren attributes the false start to Wallace attempting to audible on a quick count.

Holmgren also takes blame for the spike gaffe, claiming the draw that preceded it was a bad call. This is why I love Holmgren. He's a real leader.

"Are teams giving you different looks...?"

Holmgren: "Too many times we are putting our DBs into positions because the particular blitz we called ... didn't get home." Translation, the blitzes aren't working.

Red Bryant: High ankle sprain (weeks)

David Hawthorne: Calf injury (not sure)

Offense = "fragile" ...but not "wimpy"