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Seattle Approaching Full Strength

Scrappy Second Half Spoiler?

That would seem the way this season is heading.

Danny O'Neil I could kiss you.

Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck is expected back on the practice field this week, wide receiver Deion Branch may not be too far behind and defensive end Patrick Kerney's shoulder injury is not as serious as feared earlier this week.

Kerney's procedure was of the "clean out" variety. The mighty Deion Branch is almost recovered from his career threatening heel bruise. Can we just cut through the bullshit and admit the guy wasn't ready to return? It's a bit frustrating that a normal recovery period for a torn ACL is now filed under the Branch Lexicon of Softness.

The way this season is shaping up for the ScrapHawks is a lot like the 2006 49ers. They won't likely catch the Cards and their soft-ass schedule, but could very well sweep and humble them on the way to 7 and 9. But not Seven of Nine.