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Walter Jones Undergoes Microfracture Knee Surgery

Update II: Beyond what we don't know and what we can't know, but what we can fear, let me add:

This is an excellent chance to see if Sean Locklear can stick at left tackle.

If we can stop being Seahawks fans for a second, consider the severity of this procedure, and given his age and his inability to take strong pain relief, the implications of further play to Walter Jones' life. Microfracture knee surgery does not heal bone cartilage, but creates a substitute for it. My voice doesn't mean a damn, but I sincerely hope Jones considers retirement.

Update: What we don't know is the size of the tear. What we do know is that Jones underwent patella or trochlear groove microfracture. The patella is the knee cap and the trochlear groove is the place on the femur between the two bony ridges which holds the kneecap in place. This mean it is not weight bearing, but also that Jones will not be able to start range-of-motion exercises for several weeks. I do not know the rate of success for professional athletes who have underwent this particular type of microfracture knee surgery, or the very special subset of 34 year old offensive tackles. Jamal Mashburn underwent microfracture for patella femoral irritation and it ended his career.

Barring an unfortunate comeback attempt, This could signal the end of the line for the greatest Seahawk who ever lived. The success rate for linemen who have undergone microfracture knee surgery is low. It's thought advanced age lessens the chance of recovery. Walter Jones turns 35 January 19th.

I have nothing eloquent to fill up this space. I'm dumbstruck and heartbroken.