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Game Thread: Seattle @ Saint Louis

Before we rip into this, here's a cold shower for people who think stats have figured out team sports. I think stats are the worst application of statistical analysis for football. Attempting to attribute a quantitative value for one player, who is wholly interdependent on his teammates and scheme, and affected by an equally messy and interdependent set of opponents, seems foolish to the extreme. Instead, I wish analysis would center on research. Research like Football Outsiders work on running back workloads and the quarterback's role in sack prevention, or Advanced Football Stats look at Air Yards and the volatility of interceptions, allow us to better understand the game and more accurately scout an individual player's contributions. Scouting, though it's laborious and lacks the Zeitgeist-aligned, scientific-seeming objectivity of stats, is still the best measure of the contributions, quality and potential of an individual player.


I have this friend who says "action". "Action." "Action." The good, the bad, the heady, the busy: "Action." The action has Seattle favored by three. A system not tuned to bait gamblers to blow their savings gives Seattle a 65% chance of winning. I think most Seahawks fans would find a loss today pretty damn embarrassing.

But a word to the wise, the Patriots defense Seattle faced last Sunday was ephemeral. Their combination of injuries and nearly green (and yet somehow ancient) injury replacements is not soon to be seen again in the NFL. Seneca Wallace has taken a big step avoiding pass rush, but he's not the quarterback who carved New England's geriatric eleven like a Christmas ham. Further, he's never been a very good rusher. The man with the best arm on the team (*Sigh) and eyebrows like a drag queen is a fumble machine. His humiliation of the chondroitin seven reads Mike Vrabel's bad hip, Teddy Bruschi's chorea, Roosevelt Colvin's polio, Larry Izzo's dry bellyache, Gary Guyton's sympathetic impetigo and Junior Seau's wandering bladder. As categorically shitty as Saint Louis is, and Hobbes couldn't write a bleaker treatise on humanity, the Patriots pass defense from last Sunday is a kind radical, fundamentally unsound awful that collapses in on itself and is expelled from a white hole outside the Frogstar system.

Same storylines: Branch, Atkins, Wrotto and Locklear. Everyone's attempting to prove they're worth a damn on a team that could go Yahoo! on its workforce this offseason.

Yahoo! Football!

Sea - HAWKS!