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The Top Ten Seahawks Stories That Weren't: #8: We Do Not Anticipate Cutting Shaun Alexander

Ruskell does not anticipate either cutting Shaun Alexander of asking him to restructure his contract. He said they are convinced that Shaun can return to his former exploits, and that the retooling of the running game (Mike Wahle, Mike Solari) will help him get there.

Maybe Frank Hughes is immune to sarcasm. I envision Ruskell delivering this whopper with a glimmer in his eyes, a barely contained grin pulling at his lip corners and three fingers of Johnny Walker in his coffee cup. Ruskell is good for one bald-faced lie an offseason and I'm sure he savors it. Furtively texting "l8r" to GODgives27 on Sundays.

He followed his vote of confidence by signing two running backs.

Tim Ruskell is a businessman. He doesn't cut players through the media and he doesn't torpedo trade chips with truth. Darrell Jackson netted Baraka Atkins. Perhaps Shaun Alexander could've been flipped for a pick. Instead, the market was strangely chilly for the former MVP. Remember, Matt Millen was still employed and looking for a running back. Even lesser intellects are known to sign once great players in hopes of capturing their former magic. But something sunk Alexander in almost unprecedented fashion. Something convinced 32 GMs he wasn't even worth the veteran minimum.

We're fast approaching that time when rumor becomes news and quotes are reported as facts. Coaches, General Managers and agents are never to be trusted, not because they lie, but because they have to lie.