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How Does a Seahawks Fan Survive Failure?

This is my submission for the New York Times Fifith Down Blog.

How do Seahawks fans survive failure?

Lying helps; elaborate rationalizations are even better. Jim L. Mora (not)coaching from the wings while Mike Holmgren fumbles towards (non)retirement is an excellent explanation. It’s elaborate, unfalsifiable, novel and services the cult of coaching. The deposed field general, buckin’ the man, man, not dying but fading away, with that infantryman Ridgway already nipping his heels, and Tim Ruskell selling his best players to Mao. Timmay takes midgets while Holmgren makes WINNERS.

Alternatives: Paranoia, resignation, barbiturates and jumping ship. Hear Gang Green’s coming on strong and me with a thing for jeans salesmen. J? E? T? S?

Full, two game scouting report for Sean Locklear tomorrow.