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Quick Cap: Seahawks 13 - Jets 3

Courtesy Brian Burke of Advanced NFL Stats:

This is a work in progress. Before next season, I'll present an annotated win probability chart and use it tell the story of the game. But I wanted to put this up as a teaser and maybe run a beta next week.

Huge credit goes out to Mike Holmgren. Huge.

A team revolves around its offensive line. Its relative importance is debatable, but whatever your opinion, theory or preferred offensive philosophy, play starts with the offensive line and plays are run through the offensive line. You may not need top talent, but execution is fundamental.

If Seattle foundered, struggled to move the ball or bled turnovers, no one would have blamed Holmgren. But, you know what, he would have taken the blame anyway.

He didn't have to. Seattle's offensive line played with confidence and competence. They played like someone believed in them. And instead of running his preferred schemes, playing it by his book, a coach notorious for his inflexibility, bent to his team's talent; Mike Holmgren helped Seattle's talent, clearly not his hand picked talent, or even the right talent for his scheme, Holmgren helped his talent win.

You've been an exceptional coach, Mike Holmgren, and you proved it today.

Seattle's defense won this game. Brandon Mebane did his thing in the middle. Darryl Tapp reminded D'Brickashaw Ferguson of the good old days. Josh Wilson continued his stellar sophomore campaign, finally converting on a corner blitz and recording two picks. And Guitar Man got involved, which always means something good.

A good, fun win, but you don't want to take too, too much from this game. Seattle won and won well. It's offense has looked head and shoulders better in almost every game Seneca Wallace has started. Wallace really played well today. I don't think he has a future as a starter, but he's clearly one of the best backups in the NFL. I hope his performance with this personnel gives fans some hope that Seattle's offense has its broken part and underachievers, but it's not talent poor or fundamentally flawed.

Game Ball: Maurice Morris. It sucks he won't be back. He powered an offense against a top ten ranked rush defense, recording seven first downs, and tallied only a handful of unsuccessful rushes before garbage time. He's also an excellent receiver, something that's been lost because Wallace is weak throwing short. Morris has little wear on him, and complements the complete style of Julius Jones and bruising inside abilities of TJ Duckett. That's not likely to happen. Rushers have egos, and most want more carries than's good for them or the offense. Jones is clearly unhappy with his playing time. Morris could start somewhere. Still, hell of a way to go out. You saved 2007, and Seahawks fans will forever thank you for that.