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The Top Ten Seahawks Stories That Weren't: #10: Steve Vallos is a Better Center than Chris Spencer


With this recent Mora flap fizzling - and I'm ashamed to admit I even know about it - I got to thinking, what are the top ten bogus Seahawks stories of 2008. There's been a bevy, but which ones are the absolute tops of pops?


Steve Vallos is a better center than Chris Spencer.

Center Steve Vallos: For all the troubles the centers have had with their snaps during camp, Steve Vallos performed very admirably playing between Rob Sims and Mike Wahle. He did his job and did it well, getting some helps from the vetereans around him, as well as Hasselbeck.

Vallos got the backup quarterback treatment by fans and local media. Congratulated both for his most minor achievements and for starter Chris Spencer's every failing. Vallos didn't help himself in Minnesota, but proved he was barely holding on -- in the preseason. The dam broke in Chicago. Most didn't notice because few see the center unless he gaffes a snap. This good publicity led to a misinformed "Start Steve Vallos" campaign from posters blog-wide and, presumably, on that bastion of the loud, buzzed and belligerent, sports talk radio.

It took 13 weeks, but Vallos answered. And answered. And answered...