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The Tape: Seahawks @ Cowboys: 2nd Half Notes

I thought I was a bit buzzed and missed the second half, but that was the second half. Not much to say as both teams looked resigned to their respective fates. The Cowboys suffering the malaise of easy victory; the Seahawks suffering the malaise of certain defeat. I remember perking up after the Marcus Trufant interception, but on second viewing why? Like most games this season, whatever the score, Seattle was getting beat, badly. Anyway, four dollars a pound.

By my count, Matt Hasselbeck threw eight passes over ten yards. In the first half, he completed a wobbler to Branch for 17. Branch had a spot between two defenders and the velocity didn't matter much. His next pass was a high arcing lob. Nice pass, but not what I'm looking for. In the second half, Hasselbeck showed some of that mid-range artillery he's famous four, uncorking a 22 yard out to Bobby Engram and a 17 yard out to John Carlson. That both were outs and both were thrown on a line is encouraging. Hasselbeck threw another zinger to Branch which was knocked away. He threw another nice fifteen yard out to Carlson in the waning seconds of the fourth. Again on a line and this time into a small and closing window. He had two true deep attempts. One was a desperation pass into double coverage intercepted by Terrence Newman. Little to fault Hasselbeck there, except, well, the decision making was pretty poor (as if it mattered) and, when was the last time Hasselbeck completed a pass that traveled 30 or more yards through the air?

Baraka Atkins recorded a quarterback hit. I think Seattle should run with its young ends and see who develops.

Josh Wilson is king of the empty blitz. All those diving misses matter though, because it forces premature passes. Now, if he could just wrap up occasionally.