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Saturday's Prospect-athon!

If you love college football, and I've come around recently and let me tell ya, it's freakin' awesome, or you're just interested in seeing a pretty huge showcase of NFL talent, then get up early and join us for Field Gulls Prospect-athon.


ACC Championship: Boston College Vs. Virginia Tech

This is all about Golden Eagle defensive tackle B.J. Raji and Hokie guard Sergio Bender. Bender plays on the right, so the two might not matchup too, too much in this contest, but each are something to see and each are arguably the best prospects at their position. Render is a junior, but might make the jump because Va Tech is 8-4 and on the wrong side of rebuilding. Seattle needs a talent at both spots. When he's on, Raji is something to watch.



Mark Sanchez is a talented passer that moves well in the pocket, but will likely play out his four square at Hollywood U before declaring. Fili Moala is a top DT prospect, but was probably scratched from Ruskell's board after a Smarch 2008 resisting arrest charge. Nevertheless, give him a look, where there's top performing linebackers, there's an unsung tackle taking down blockers. Linebacker Kaluka Maiva might make a good gunner. And yes, Taylor Mays. UCLA doesn't offer much but a set of animated dummies for these kids to work out with.

SEC Championship: Alabama vs. Florida

The game I'll be watching. Should Andre Smith declare, he's a sure top ten pick. Alabama's offensive line is the heart of their offense and Smith their best player. Center Antoine Caldwell is a close second, but has character concerns. Free safety Rashad Johnson has eleven interceptions over the last two seasons, but has...wait on it...character concerns. If Strong Safety Justin Woodall declares, he'd make an interesting project, but after a just one season starting, Woodall would be better served maturing for another season. Terrence Cody has the kind of size and agility to be a Marcus Tubbs like presence in the middle, but the kind of injury concerns to be a Marcus Tubbs like presence in the operating room, too. Cody could make a defense or cripple a salary cap. Watch Cory Reamer, who's ultra-productive, quick and scrappy as hell, but whose size makes him a fringe prospect. I repeat, whose size makes him a fringe prospect. Reamer won't declare, but could be around in 2010.

Florida is equally talented, but younger and with fewer pro ready prospects. If you know college football, you know Tim Tebow. Tebow is a fullback with an arm. If I were a struggling franchise, I'd import Tebow and coach Urban Meyer as a package. It might not work, but attempting the spread option in the pros would be awfully fun to watch. Percy Harvin is as productive as his coach is creative and his prospects in the pros depends a lot on who drafts him. At his best, he could be Super Kevin Faulk. At his worst, he could be Reggie Bush between the tackles. Offensive tackle Phil Trautwein works well within Meyer's system, but grades poorly with scouts.


Big 12 Championship: Missouri vs. Oklahoma

Oh yeah.


QB Sam Bradford

WR Juaquin Iglesias

OT Phil Loadholt

OG Duke Robinson

S Nic Harris


QB Chase Daniel

WR Jeremy Maclin

S William Moore

DE Stryker Sulak

DT Ziggy Hood

It's the mother of all prospect games for Hawks fans and I'll be here with beer on.