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Quick Cap: Patriots 24 - Seahawks 21

Losing sucks.

Steve Vallos sucks.

Neither will carry over to next season.

Seattle played fantastic. As LantermanC said, playing strong but losing is an ideal outcome. Seattle needs a young quarterback. Desperately. And getting the one they want is critical to the Seahawks future.

Game Ball:

Deion Branch: Crazy agility, fantastic body control and the heart of a goddamn warrior. A healthy Branch is a world class weapon. A military grade shotgun blasting ass-whipping, cut across the field for fifty more, cyanide tipped, hands like tractor beams, hips like Baryshnikov, game changing wide receiver play.

Seneca Wallace: You're not supposed to outplay Matt Hasselbeck. I hope someone who controls the purse strings is watching, because Wallace is an invaluable asset as a backup quarterback. Seattle needs a successor, sure, but a smart team finds a place for Wallace.

John Carlson: Concerns about his 40 time and pallor persist. Carlson, somehow, persists.

Baraka Atkins: Defensive ends take time to develop. Atkins had first round talent. Scouts, rightfully, questioned his desire. The Man who took the field today buried those questions under two tons of sacks and a hellrocious mean streak.

Brandon Mebane: Two quarterback hits and a sack. Yawn.

Tru: Seattle held Randy Effin' Moss, thenceforth know as Randy Moss, to 56 yards on nine targets. With Tru covering Moss, that's 23 yards on eight targets. Brian Russell and to a lesser extent Deon Grant have submarined Seattle's ability to stop #1 receivers. Seattle has allowed opposing #1 receivers to contribute at a 35.2% clip and have allowed the most yards per game in the NFL, 81.1. Marcus Trufant is paid. His team is awaiting the Phenobarbital. Tru played for pride and played like an All-Pro. Don't questions this man's heart. Don't question this man's skill. And don't question Tru is a cornerstone of the next great Seahawks team.