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Sign Mike Wahle

I was happy to get home and read this:

The Carolina Panthers released linebacker Dan Morgan and guard Mike Wahle...
Morgan, who cares? But Wahle would be a perfect fit for Seattle. Wahle is a veteran who could (would) take over starting left guard duties, moving Sims back to his more natural position at right. Wahle is consistently healthy, has the exact skill set Holmgren covets in a guard and shouldn't be terribly expensive. Guards last into their mid-thirties, so we're not talking about a washed up retread with little left to produce. Tim Ruskell should be familiar with Wahle from his days in Atlanta, a short stop that has colored many of his recent moves. A reasonable contract for Wahle shouldn't cost more than 3 million against the cap, a wholly justifiable hit for a player that would improve the Seahawks above and beyond his own contributions. With Wahle starting, the Hawks would be improving both guard positions, right guard drastically. Could count on one of the best, if not the best pass blocking offensive lines in all of football, and have a starting guard skilled at pulling - one of Sims' worst weaknesses. Further, this frees up flexibility in the draft, and makes an immediate, 2008 season impact that no available guard draftee could. Seriously, no buts, get this shit done.