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Seattle's 1st Round Draft Pick

Okay, we covered the hard newsy stuff. Now, let's have some fun. I've stated for a few months now that this coming draft is simply stacked with talent. That's great news for everyone, but especially teams picking in the late first round. That's because smart teams with lots of flexibility picking in the late first round will be able to sign what might otherwise be a top 10 talent for a fraction of the cost.

Mock Draft's are like assholes, everyone's got one and most are pretty shitty. Still, if you're looking at them obtusely, only to get an idea of where players will be picked and not for specific picks, they have some value. In that spirit, let's use a random cross section of mock drafts to figure out who absolutely won't be available:

Chris Long
Darren McFadden
Jake Long
Glen Dorsey
Sedrick Ellis
Matt Ryan
Ryan Clady
DeSean Jackson

About anyone else is subject to how the first round plays out. Even Ellis could fall, just not likely to the Seahawks. The Hawks pick 25th, so one of the next 17 best players will be available when Seattle picks. Of those 25, quarterback, cornerback, guard, linebacker and defensive end are positions Seattle is very unlikely to pick. If we give every GM the benefit of the doubt and assume none reach or pick from need, the remaining pool of talent is the next 17 best players minus the positions Seattle does not need. Here's that pool, listed by grade given by

Kenny Phillips (S) *****
Chris Williams (OT) *****
Jeff Otah (OT) *****
Malcolm Kelly (WR) *****
Fred Davis (TE) *****
Felix Jones (RB) *****
Devin Thomas (WR) *****
Jamaal Charles (RB) *****
Rashard Mendenhall (RB) *****
Carl Nicks (OT) *****
Kentwan Balmer (DT) *****
Donny Avery (WR) *****
Mario Manningham (WR) *****
Martellus Bennett (TE) *****
Jonathan Stewart (RB) *****
Sam Baker (OT) *****
Chris Johnson (RB) ****

16 five star talents and a burner from South Florida.