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Community Scouting: A Call for Help

I'm trying to organize community scouting like Tom Tango does but for the NFL draft, but can't find any decent polling software. My plan is to list the top 100 prospects or so and break their play into 6 basic abilities. So for a running back it might be: Inside Run, Outside Run, Receiving, Blocking, Break Away Ability and Health. For each people vote from very bad to bad to average to good to very good. I'm a big believer that a dedicated group of fans is just as able, more able in fact, to evaluate a player than a scout. Very Bad would be worth 0 points, Bad 2, Average 5, Good 7 and Very Good 10. Then I average all the responses and generate a profile. So 'Running Back A' might look like this:

Inside Run: 8.2
Outside Run: 6.7
Receiving: 5.4
Blocking: 9.2
Break Away Ability: 3.4
Health: 8.8

From that I'd make a player card for a few players that would look a bit like this.

Anyway, I'm sort of stuck at square one because I can't find any decent polling software. Any help with finding some would be super appreciated.