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NFL Combine on NFL Network

Just an FYI for anyone who doesn't know, you can find the NFL combine here. Look, guys running! Wow. I'll update when something interesting happens. It might be a while.

U We can now know for sure, if Jake Long ever has to throw off a DB, while on his back, over and over again, he'll be able to.

Wow, Cherilus, too high, go figure.

Zuttah has gone from "who cares?" to will but probably shouldn't be drafted.

Schuenning looked good then hurt himself. Yep.

Nothing says O Line like "spindly legs".

U Mike Solari is coaching up the line prospects. Very good to see. There is hope!

I never know if I'm going to be chasing a stubborn monkey, either.

Apparently, the combine is "everything".

U Baker and Clady are both out. Sam Baker's stock should be falling, falling, falling.

U In case anyone was wondering, Seattle's picks breakdown like this: 1: 1 2: 1 3: 1 4: 1 5: 1 6: 0 7: 1 - I'm assuming Seattle's pick from Tennessee will be a 7th rounder.

U Guys jumping!

Obama gets the Teamsters. As a Teamster, I can tell you, that's completely meaningless. Half the guys I work with a Hawk Conservatives. There's no group think.

U Okay, I can't find anything interesting about this. I'll run an update later when the totals are in.