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NFL Combine: Tight Ends and Offensive Linemen

Briefly, as I'm not going to fill up a bunch of nothing with words.

Tights Ends

Martellus Bennett was the only top level prospect who excelled. 4.68 40, 34" Vert. He's likely solidified his spot as the number one TE off the board. Unless one of those late teens teams with a need think he's that good, Bennett will still likely fall into the second round. As will Fred Davis and John Carlson. Unfortunately, no one in the second class really established themselves. Brad Kotter ran a 4.55 40, but that doesn't make him any taller. The 6'8", 271 pound Brad Cottam probably helped himself the most, but not likely into the first day. Looks like Seattle will have to use a second round pick, maybe even trade up to grab Carlson. As is, I could see it.

Offensive Linemen

The Sam Baker Express keeps chugging down the boards. It will be interesting to see how far he's fallen when the dust clears. All in all, the combine has not shed much light on offensive linemen. Jake Long was and is the #1 tackle off the boards. As I mentioned earlier, Jeremy Zuttah probably did the most to help himself but his numbers were by no means eye-popping. Robert Felton didn't stand out--or, at least, I didn't see him and he didn't register on any leader boards. After reading about his problems with false starts, I highly doubt he'd get the Holmgren seal of approval. Roy Schuening displayed the good technique you'd expect from an ultra-polished guard, but suffered the always fun injury while running. As is, I don't see any offensive linemen who really stand out to me as Hawks. Maybe Baker.