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Seahawks Mock Draft V. 1.0

I have no inside source, let's make that clear. This is my best guess based on what I know about Seattle and what I know about Tim Ruskell's drafting. It also reflects my own preferences and attitudes about the draft. We'll update this over the coming weeks.

  • 1. BAT: However the rest of the draft plays out, I'm sure Seattle will take Best Available Talent with their first pick. This could mean Jonathan Stewart, Malcolm Kelly or Sam Baker. It could mean Calais Campbell. It could be almost any player at any position. Last season, without a first round pick of any kind, the Hawks picked a cornerback with their first pick in the draft. With their starting two set, cornerback was a position of need only in matters of depth. In three years of drafting, taking best available talent with Seattle's first pick has been a hallmark of Tim Ruskell's draft strategy. Not one of Chris Spencer, Kelly Jennings or Josh Wilson started their first seasons. This pick could be a head scratcher for "draft experts" and fans alike.
  • 2a. John Carlson (TE): After an alarming 40, and without a single surefire first rounder in the entire class, I think Carlson could easily fall to Seattle without needing to trade up. Carlson defines a Ruskell pick: highly productive, great scouting report, high character and devalued because of physical limitations. Carlson is pro ready and should be Seattle's starter from day one. Won't tally eye-popping yardage, but'll rack up first downs, block and be an asset in the Red Zone.
  • 2b. Trevor Laws (DT): Supremely Productive: Check. Dominated the Senior Bowl: Check. Undersized: Oh yeah. This is where Ruskell makes his money. Laws is a great single-gap defensive tackle who will contribute right away and should be able to eventually replace Rocky Bernard. Seattle moves its 3rd and 2009 3rd round pick to acquire this pick.
  • 4. Jonathan Hefney (S): I think an okay combine, his (lack of) size plus a standout showing by two of the second class safeties (DaJuan Morgan, Quintin Demps, Reggie Smith, Marcus Griffin, Craig Steltz or Tom Zbikowski) knocks Hefney out of the first day. Hefney was a great college player, with great football quickness, good coverage ability and a likes-to-fight mentality. No Bob Sanders, but can bring a hit. Has the football quicks Ruskell loves in a DB. Won't start initially, but will take the field when Brian Russell suffers a mysterious crowbar induced knee injury.
  • 5. Marcus Smith (WR): Tough kid out of New Mexico. Highly productive Senior season. Works well over the middle. Smith is a converted running back, has great football speed but is still learning the position. High character. Will need time to develop, but could surprise.
  • 7. Chauncey Washington (RB): A bruising inside rusher from the nation's premiere offensive talent factory: USC. A 5 star high school talent devalued because of academic "issues". Minimal wear and little downside--I've said it before, Washington is a true value in a loaded running back class. The Seahawks have scouted Washington and he's a great fit for their needs. I would expect some grousing from fans and analysts, but Washington and Maurice Morris would form an above average backfield.