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Mike Wahle's Cap Number, Recovery

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Via Seahawks Insider, I found this link. It details Wahle's contract from which we can determine his 2008 cap number. So, $3.5 million signing bonus spread over 5 years, .7 million, plus $2 million in base salary, plus a $100,000 workout bonus = $2.8 million against the cap. In 2009 and 2010 that figure increases to $3.9 million. Everything after that is contingent on him making the team.

Since we're discussing Good News Mike Wahle, here's some more good news to chew on. Wahle suffered a torn labrum (the Glenoid Labrum to be specific) in 2006 and underwent major shoulder surgery around the end of that year. What we're probably talking about is a SLAP tear. Full physical recovery is about 6 months. First, Wahle surviving a full 16 without reinjury is encouraging. If he had suffered permanent weakening it's unlikely he would have been able to play a full season. Here's where I go out on a limb a little bit. While Wahle was able to play in 2007, that doesn't indicate that he had regained full use of his shoulder. Proprioception, or one's sense of one's own body in space, often takes at least a year and a half to recover. Therefore, this fall, with Wahle a full 21 months removed from his major shoulder surgery, and following a full offseason of conditioning (wouldn't want to be out-lifted by Josh Wislon, right?), it isn't unlikely that Wahle will be closer to his 2005 form than his 2007 form. I would say, in my wholly amateur opinion, that it's pretty likely.

Okay, I'm still a little loopy from anesthesia, so that's all from me today. I'll do a full combine review tomorrow, detailing the players who helped themselves and how their improving stocks might benefit Seattle.