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Hawks Close-in On Crumpler (Alge Gimps Out of Town)

Ever alert newshound MFAN with the link.

I'm far from enthused about signing Crumpler and sort of wonder where the money is coming from, but--! There's not another available free agent I can think of that would benefit Seattle more. I don't foresee him being wildly productive, but he should be more productive than any drafted tight end could be expected to be in their first season.

The real concern might be Seattle's growing commitment to old players and the amount of dead money they face when the geriatric unit must be shutdown. Cut, that is. Still, with yet another pick freed, and more talent acquired, Seattle could exit the draft favorites in the NFC. Imagine last year's defense + Marcus Tubbs, Kenny Phillips, Josh Wilson and Trevor Laws (suddenly very attainable in the 2nd.)

Update: Looks like Crumpler's leaving town without signing. Good news, but we're not out of the woods yet. I'd imagine Algernon is attempting to ching-ching-ching cash in on his reputation. Hopefully, Tim Ruskell knows better than to bite.