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TJ "Muscles Bucket" Duckett

Are you tired of conceding third and short?

And the inevitable heart attacks that come from watching Alexander play?


Until now, this was the only way a Seattle back could break a tackle.

"You mean there's a better way?"

But that's all changed thanks to the Muscles Bucket. Let's meet the inventor, TJ Duckett.

In 2007, Duckett produced a first down once every 4 attempts and was 5 for 6 in power situations. Duckett was a first round selection in 2002, but has bounced around the league playing behind flashier backs.

A tools monster...

Starting to put it together...

11.7 DVOA/7.0 DPAR

(Behind a rotten O-line no less)

23rd Adjusted Line Yards/50% Power Success

With fresh tread on his tires...

Just Turned 27/655 career carries

(And can catch a little too)

Career 8.7 Yards Per Reception

For less than 3 million?

Yes, please.