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Projecting 1st Round WRs: Completion Percentage and YPA

I have to do this freehand, working through the play by play and tallying everything in a notebook. I guess that would make these stats "exclusive". Anyway, here's the probable first round wide receivers. All stats reflect the last two seasons. The results might be surprising.

Devin Thomas
Games Against Top 25 Opponents: 4
Completion Percentage: 56%
Yard Per Attempt: 8.08

Malcolm Kelly
Games: 1
%: N/A

Early Doucet
Games: 9
%: 76%
YPA: 9.6

DeSean Jackson
Games: 8
%: 63%
YPA: 9.5

Limas Sweed
Games: 4
%: 55%
YPA: 6.3

Kelly faced one top 25 defense and recorded an incompletion. His schedule was by far the easiest, full of patsies. Doucet and Jackson are the clear leaders. Doucet is the only player to never get "shutdown". Jackson's otherwise sparkling record is pocked by his performance against Oregon State: 4/11, 5 yards. Remember, this isn't a foolproof way to tell who will succeed in the pros, but if you can't get open in college then...

I find this fun and informative. I'll revisit this stat another day mining for sleepers.