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Seahawks Sign Lofa Tatupu to 6 Year, 40 million Dollar Extension

Update II: ESPN is reporting that the Seahawks have signed Lofa Tatupu to a 6 year 40 million dollar extension that will keep Tats in Seattle through the 2015 season. Excellent move, needless to say.

Update: Word is that the Hawks are looking to lock up Lofa Tatupu for the next 8 years. If so, this would be a happy day in Hawktown.

I had something planned for this morning, but news calls. Seahawks Insider is reporting that Seattle will be holding a press conference at 12:30. Assuming the press conference is broadcast over I'll take notes and post a rundown. If not, I'll compile what I can and comment where necessary. I don't know the subject of the press conference, but I'd guess the team has signed Marcus Trufant. It's been quiet on that front for a while and I know Ruskell recently upped his proposal. We'll see.