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Julius Jones And Seattle's Next Great Running Back

It's short subject Monday at Field Gulls. I have a lot of little thoughts, blurbs, stubs or whatever that've sat on the backburner I'd like to clear out.

Tim Ruskell is notorious for his heavily back-loaded contracts. That's one of the reasons I took notice when he signed Julius Jones to a front-loaded contract. You don't expect a 4 year, 12 million dollar contract with 4 million guaranteed to pay 5.5 million in the first year. That means Seattle could be free of Jones with little or no penalties as soon as 2009. I mentioned in my rundown of Jones that though I didn't think he was better than Maurice Morris, I did think he better fit Holmgren's system. It could be that Ruskell is signing Jones as a stopgap. A Holmgren guy for Holmgren's final run.

I mentioned after the hiring of Mike Solari and Bill Lazor that the Seahawks could be setting the foundation for an Air Coryell offense. Supporting that hypothesis is Seattle's recent scouting of Limas Sweed. Sweed is a 6'4" burner best suited for a downfield passing attack.

Many saw the signing of Julius Jones as an indication that Seattle would not be looking for a running back in the upcoming draft, but Ruskell has never shied away from taking best available talent even if that player sits his first season. It wouldn't be surprising if Seattle drafts a rusher that fits their next system this year. Even as early as the first round. The Air Coryell prefers a power rushing attack. Backs available in the draft who could fill that need: Jonathan Stewart, Rashard Mendenhall, Tashard Choice, Chauncey Washington and Ryan Torain.