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On Mock Drafts And Seattle Drafting A Linebacker

Finally, a very short one. Recently, I mentioned my motto on mock drafts to a friend: "Mock drafts are like assholes, everyone has one but most stink." The football wing of SBN will be conducting its own mock draft in a few weeks. It's decidedly less stupid, being that the writers for each site actually know their team's needs, and that the mock will be sequential rather than pieced together bit by bit. It will, then, imitate a real draft. As point of proof to my previous opinion I offered the fact that I found a mock draft that had Seattle taking a linebacker in the first round. That's slightly more absurd than the glut of sites with Seattle taking a 0 or 1 tech run stopping defensive tackle in the first. Slightly. Obviously, Seattle doesn't need a first round linebacker, but they do need a linebacker.

Beyond depth or special teams, Seattle is likely to be without one of its big three next season. In 2009, Julian Peterson's cap number jumps to almost 8.5 million and Leroy Hill is a free agent. Peterson is the better overall talent, but Hill is younger and will be cheaper. Either way, it's easy to see that someone's probably going to go. That means Seattle could be thinking of drafting a replacement. Ruskell has a definite type when it comes to linebacker, so who might fit that type but also fall to the second day?

Marcus Howard

Wesley Woodyard

Tavares Goodman

Ben Moffitt

Or even Ali Highsmith whose Pro Day is two days away. Linebacker doesn't have a long adjustment period between college and the pros, so Seattle could just wait for next year, but, either way, fans should get ready for an impending shakeup. Seattle's big three, the corp that's the core of its defense, could be entering its final season together.