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Briefly, Julius Jones

I don't want to chase this too far. Right now, talk about Julius Jones is an amoeba like blip on the radar. It's there, sure, but it's far out, tiny and doesn't make much sense. Obviously, if Seattle is interested in signing Jones someone's out, possibly Morris, possibly Morris and Alexander. I've already shared my thoughts on Jones:

Julius Jones: Julius Jones played ahead of Ryan Grant at Notre Dame. There he earned a reputation for explosiveness through the hole, elusiveness in the open field and game breaking speed. Jones was the 43rd overall pick in a decent running back class. He erupted for 800 yards in eight games his rookie season. A feat that sent expectations skyward, but since then Jones has disappointed. In many ways, Jones' career and running style have duplicated his brother's, Thomas. The elder Jones became a more complete rusher after his speed slipped away, but banking on a player to become something he's never been is a poor investment. Speed is typically the first skill an athlete loses, and Jones, who has a lot of bust in his boom, only managed a long rush of 25 yards in 2007. The best case that can be made for Jones is that he's a once fine talent with little wear that can still run between the tackles, a skill that would compliment Maurice Morris' perceived deficiencies. Jones is decent receiver and a willing if far from dominant blocker.
With Duckett aboard, I don't see what Jones would offer that Morris does not. In 2007, Jones produced the 41st best DVOA, on the 14th best run blocking line alongside a rusher who posted the second best DVOA, Marion Barber. Barber owned Jones' starting job by season's end and ensured Jones' ouster from Dallas. In 2007, Morris posted the 19th best DVOA, on the 29th best run blocking line alongside a rusher who posted the 7th worst DVOA, Shaun Alexander. Jones only carried the ball 24 more times than Morris, who has been plagued by a reputation of fragility or fatigability or whatever nonsense. In games where Morris received more than 10 carries he averaged 4.1 yards per carry. Obviously, YPC is not a perfect stat, really only useful at the extremes, but if Morris somehow fell apart with use you'd expect it to plummet and it doesn't. Jones paramount skill exiting college was his speed, but didn't post a single run of over 25 yards all season. Morris did so 3 times. Morris is a skilled route runner with good hands, Jones is a decent outs and flats receiver. Though Morris is not a great pass blocker, neither is Jones. Morris, who's entering his contract year, counts 1.33 million against the cap. That's all. He's the lightning Seattle already has, moreso, cheaper than and without a cent spent, move made or gamble taken. No on Julius Jones. Yes on Morris finally getting some long earned carries.

If this finds legs, I'll offer a deeper scouting report on Jones. I'm hoping this is old news obviated by the signing of Duckett.