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Seahawks Sign Julius Jones

Well Shaun's out. Likely Morris too. Morris'll fetch a pick, even if only a 7th rounder. Alexander is either going to be taken by a sucker GM looking for a proven veteran for something absurd like a 4th round pick or be cut. I don't see a ton of middle ground. Any team with a halfway decent scouting department is going to look at the tape see Shaun's spent and balk at taking on his salary much less offering remuneration. It would be wrong to say he doesn't have value, though, there's Bill Bavasi's in the NFL too.

I'll run a scouting report on Jones tomorrow.

Update: 4 years, 3 million annually. Cheap, but not draft pick cheap. Still don't understand this move. I honestly think Holmgren might be the impetus. I could see him being enamored with Jones ever since he ran a scorched earth campaign on Qwest in 2004.

Update II: One thing that we know is good about this move, Seattle will be using a committee next season. That's a big step forward for team long stuck in the Feature Back Era.