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Seahawks Mock Draft V. 4.1

I've run out of ideas, so let's warm this corpse over. As always, I have no inside source. These are wild guesses based on nothing. It reflects my own bias, angst and level of drunkenness. I'll update this with some thrown together crap if I have to.

1. Musashimaru Koyo, DT, ISF: After enduring another season of Seattle's peewee defense getting run over again and again by bigger, more physical teams, it's time TImmay pulls his head out his ass. What the Hawks need is size. Pure, unadulterated fatness. Koyo has height, 6'4", an impressive bubble and the kind of quarter-tonnage, 517 pounds, you need in a defensive tackle. Could be Gilbert Brown in the offseason good.

2. Michael Jordan, TE, North Carolina: Winner. Champion. Veteran. Leader. Played basketball, ensuring NFL success. Jordan's vert compares to a kangaroo on pogo-stilts. Two sport star. Upside of Antonio Gates plus a cheetah times awesome.

3. Jay Cutler, BA, Olympia Tech: Killed the 225, curling it a record 47 times. Ripped. A touch undersized, 5'7". Embodies the strong side badass position. Some might accuse Cutler of being a workout warrior, but he gets it done in the gym, on the stage and in your mom's bed, Nancy.
4. Gallant, Teammate, Highlights U: Hard worker, honest, keeps his cool under pressure and always makes the right decision. Not the most athletic player, but his intangibles are off the charts:
6. Goro, Specialist, Netherealm State: A one of a kind talent. Will make an immediate impact on special teams. Thick, ropy muscles. Imposing 8 foot frame. The kind of guy you want on your team. Draft stock has dropped due to evilness, cannibalism.
7. George S. Patton, Hero, VMI: Former Olympian. Hard nosed, fierce competitor who's fearless under fire. Brilliant on field strategist. Withering trash talker. He's read your book. A man for the trenches, Old Blood and Guts attacks the front line and won't stop until he's blitzkrieged Normandy. A real sleeper.