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2008 Seahawks Schedule

Answering that burning question, when will Seattle play the teams we already know they'll play?

And here we go.

Week 1: 10 @Buffalo, Avoiding the weather

Week 2: 1:15 San Francisco, Good setup for a spanking

Week 3: 1:05 Saint Louis, Welcome home Josh Brown (Brutusformer friend)

Week 4: Bye, early Bye, not too fond of that

Week 5: 10 @NYG, Destroy the champs to move to 4-0

Week 6: 1:15 Green Bay, Savor revenge, move to 5-0

Week 7: 5:15 @Tampa Bay, Good for them

Week 8: 1:15 @San Francisco, 7-0 a real possibility

Week 9: 1:15 Philadelphia, This should be shortly after McNabb is put on IR

Week 10: 10 @Miami, Next

Week 11: 1:05 ARZ, This game could be epic

Week 12: 1:15 WAS, Watch Seattle spank the old, crumbling Redskins

Week 13: 1:15 @Dallas, DAMN RIGHT! I'm already hyped for this

Week 14: 5:15 NE, 4th game of a really tough stretch

Week 15: 10 @StL, A patsy to refresh against

Week 16: 1:05 NYJ, Another snoozer

Week 17: 1:15 @ARZ, This could be for the division

Two tough stretches: 5-7, 11-14. Man, Thanksgiving indeed!

Okay, this doesn't matter much, no matter how the NFL hypes it. What does matter, though, is that Seattle completely avoids bad weather stadiums in bad weather months. In the Divisional Round against the Packers, Seattle's fast, but small defense was defanged by the falling snow. They couldn't explode off the snap, sapping the pass rush, and the aggression that made them so formidable stuffing the run became a liability. Without solid turf to plant and cut, misdirection ate up Seattle's front seven. This is a real break, and could mean wins in the standings. Now the Hawks have to step up and earn home field advantage throughout the playoffs.