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SBN Mock Draft

The football wing of SBN is once again running a mock draft. To the right there is the slightly askew graphic that corresponds with this event. So,'s who's been picked so far.

#1 Miami Dolphins - Chris Long

#2 St. Louis Rams - Vernon Gholston

#3 Atlanta Falcons - Jake Long

#4 Oakland Raiders - Darren McFadden

#5 Kansas City Chiefs - Sedrick Ellis

#6 New York Jets - Glenn Dorsey

I don't know what else to add. They're posting about 3 picks a day. We'll revisit this in a few days when Seattle's pick is forthcoming and we have a better idea of who'll be available. At that time I'll open a discussion thread and you guys can decide who we want. It's your show, I'll butt out.

Actual content to follow. I'm starting tight end previews today.