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Live Blog NFL Draft III


And that about concludes the first day.

On first look, I'd give Seattle a solid "B". Trading down and still getting the player they want was huge. The more I think about Jackson, the more I think he's a straight "A" pick at 28. In 5 years, I think people will be talking about how this guy never stopped dominating at every stop in his career. Carlson is a little iffier. Obviously, he was above and beyond the top tight end on my board, but I wasn't sure I wanted Seattle to take a TE in the first day and adding in a 3rd round pick makes Carlson very expensive. The kid will contribute, though. He's a lock to be good, a lock to be a complete tight end, and the tightness and fluidity of his route running cannot be understated. At Notre Dame he was facing a lot of DBs because of the overall weakness of their offense. In the NFL, he's going to humiliate some linebackers. Quite a few, in fact. I also think this is a concession to Holmgren. Big Mike is retiring and it's about damn time he gets his tight end.

Here's your best remaining value in semi-order.

Anthony Collins Huge value here. One of the few true left tackles in this draft. Better upside than almost anyone. The perfect pick to stash and develop. I want Seattle to get this guy.

Early Doucet: Killed in my % per attempt and YPA metrics. Solid contributor in venerable defensive conference. Low downside. Good fit for Seattle. Great support skills: blocking, returning.

Andre Fluellen: Highly rated prospect due for a bounce back. Great value. A natural 3.

I'm going to go get some real beer, watch some 4th season Sopranos and pretend today's my birthday. I'll check in later. Thanks everyone, we've long since surpassed 10,000 views. That's pretty damn cool. This has been a really active and respectful thread and that alone is better than 100,000 views. You guys rock.


With Dexter Jackson, along with every other WR in the draft, being selected in the second, I think Early Doucet will be available in third. He's worth trading down for. Watch out for Andre Fluellen, too. I think Seattle could be very interested in him.


Those wondering why Green Bay drafted Brohm and now has two Qbs might want to look at their pass blocking. They didn't allow many sacks, but Brett Favre + McCarthy's system masked a true weakness. Now, some might say they should take a tackle, but that's retrograde thinking. The Pack can now just sub in whoever's healthy.

Wait, WHAT?


People pretty new to this frenzy should take note how the draft has played out in comparison to your garden variety Mock. Across the multitude you see a good level of agreement, yet they're way off compared to reality. Moral: 99.9% of Mock Drafts are nothing more than fantasy.


We're winding down the first day. Seattle has picked up some big talent, but it's important to consider the big picture. No one will look at Seattle as one of the big winners of day one. But they've added two starters. This was a very good team last season, and its biggest weakness, BY FAR, the running game, was revamped fairly cheaply in free agency. Ignore the flash and look at the facts and you'll see a very good team that has had one of the best overall offseasons in the NFL.


That's working the phones. Lets see what Seattle got for moving a few spots. Nevertheless, glad to see them acquire a few picks

28th pick, we know, 5th and 7th. Very nice.



Lawrence Jackson

Very good pick here. Obviously, Seattle needed depth behind Kerney. Seattle prefers strong, balanced defensive ends.