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Seahawks 1st Round Pick: Lawrence Jackson


Lawrence Jackson

Here’s what you get with Lawrence Jackson.

Broad Base of Skills

Jackson has no glaring deficiencies. He has good size and an excellent frame, decent burst off the line, excellent strength, and a lengthy and solid résumé.

30.5 Sacks over 4 seasons

52  tackles for a loss in run support

Battle Tested

4 year starter against Pac 10 competition

Underrated Athlete

Jackson doesn’t pop on tape, but he’s very strong, smooth-quick and has excellent burst to the ball carrier.


Jackson is starter ready, excellent at fighting off opposing linemen and will effort his way back into plays. If Seattle were to slot him at RDE, they would cede a certain amount of explosion off the line, but would dramatically upgrade their outside containment on the left. Jackson is a polished player who has the kind of build you expect to age well, peaking in that money territory for ends, 25-29. Defensive end is a premium position for Seattle. Seattle now has two complete ends, Patrick Kerney and Jackson, one run stuffing/coverage end with reasonable upside, Baraka Atkins, and the meanest damn situational pass rushing/coverage end in the NFL. Darryl Tapp can be bottled pass rush freed from the wear of every down duty. A big upgrade for the line, but leaving the interior still thin. Great value, low downside, not my pick, but an excellent pick nonetheless.