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Live Blog NFL Draft Day 2


I gave up on Seattle drafting Washington a while back, so though I think he's a very good value, I'm just happy to see him drafted. Here's what's so cool about working so hard before the draft and looking into so many players, I've begun rooting for some. I may never see Washington outside of the preseason, but I will root for him to kick butt. Generally speaking, I love the preseason. Last year, I could watch Mebane and Taylor on the Hawks and know they had a place in the team's future. This year, I'm going to be able to do that with every team. That's pretty cool.


How does one lineback? So, anyway, I think the Eagles have had a very good draft. Cards, too. Niners draft looks very poor. Bears, too. Seattle has done many things well, but it frightens me that they - seemingly - fail to see offensive tackle as a need. It's a gamble and one with a serious cost. They need depth at the position, minimum, and I think Barton is a great value here. This is my thinking. Barton had some trouble against the speed rush, but he was a ~4 year starter at OSU. Lock handles the speed rush well. If Seattle can just get someone who can cover for Lock if Lock must move to left, then they're in a much less risky position. But, as-is, we're looking at a decent replacement for Walter Jones should he get hurt, but a huge downgrade at right tackle should Locklear have to sub in for him. C'mon Ruskell, we need this.


Lots of talent left in the 7th, should make for a mighty interesting round. Which is, you know, kind of crazy when you think about it.


Boy, Mike Nolan looks like hell.

Moving on, here's 4 talents left I see Seattle targeting with their next pick:

Kirk Barton, LT, OSU

Ali Highsmith, OLB, LSU

Jonathan Hefney, FS, Tenn

Jamie Silva, FS, BC

My guess is Barton, but it's impossible to predict. Could be another curveball.


Great value for Houston. Okam joins a very talented group. He's the perfect compliment to Okoye. In 3 years, we'll be talking about that line as the league's best.


Okay, so how the hell does Cincinnati take Pat Sims? Have they learned nothing? Sims is a HUGE character concern. If Marvin Lewis can okay Sims with all that franchise has gone through, he's gotta go. That team is too damn talented to be in shambles.

Okay, quick aside. The "Golden Age" myth, the idea that some foregone time was better, specifically more wholesome or virtuous or tough, whatever, is as old as mankind. Chaucer wrote about it in the 13th century. The players of the current NFL are probably slightly better than their antecedents. And only because the NFL has surpassed baseball as the USA's pastime and therefore has better access to premium talent. Otherwise, great players today, great players of yesteryear, can we put this moronic theory to rest?


Inmates running the asylum in Dallas. Interesting experiment, but I'd buy insurance on the lab. Love to see that team come out 0-3.


Don't mistake this for sour grapes, but rumor is JDB's hands are smaller than Alex Smith's. I sort of wonder what has happened to Ainge. I know I'm among the few, but I always thought he looked pretty good.


I'm impressed with that interview with DeSean Jackson. Sure, he looked humbled, but he wasn't mad, wasn't discouraged. For his contributions as a matchup problem and special teams player alone, he's worth a second round pick.


I don't care what anyone says, the Pats are having a bad draft.

Is Ali Highsmith seriously still out there? Man, c'mon Tim, you know you want this guy.


Does Millen do anything right? Kevin Smith = Workhorse. Translation: He's been worked to death.


These guys are getting pretty punchy.

In 2007, it was an exceptionally deep wide receiver draft. Seattle did the hardest thing, wait. Then, in the 6th round they struck. Grabbing a polished player from a big conference, Courtney Taylor, and that absolute rarest of combinations, a supreme talent and true high character individual, Jordan Kent. It was a brilliant move. This year, in an incredibly deep tackle draft, Seattle may be employing the same strategy. Anthony Collins, Geoff Schwartz, Breno Giacomini, Kirk Barton (remember this name) and Barry Richardson, to name a few, one will fall. And Seattle might gain their longterm replacement for Walter Jones in the 4-7 round.


Mike Mayock is a star. The NFL targeted a weakness in their competition, Mel Kiper, and have, in little more than a year, put him out to pasture. Say what you will about the NFL, they are ruthless business men.


Manningham runs terrible routes. Terrible. His skill set simply doesn't translate. If he was a mature, hard working player with better speed, then maybe, maybe, some of this praise would be merited. As is, I could see him cut in training camp.


Well, damn, remember Caldwell before your fantasy drafts. It's looking more and more like Seattle isn't looking at adding a wide receiver. I'm alright with that, I guess. You better step up Bohemian.

So, still some interesting offensive tackles out there. They need a DT, and they need an OT. Safety would be nice. Lots of needs, not too many picks. Time to earn your money, Tim.


Brad Cottam would be the best tight end in the draft if he had stayed healthy, bullshit. No possible way you can backup that argument.


Fluellen didn't make plays because has was moved to nose. I haven't talked about it, but Andre Caldwell is still sitting out there. Man, that would be sweet.


Damn, adios Andre Fluellen. Getting thin at the 3.


Doucet is a perfect fit for Ken Whisenhunt and the Cardinals. A good draft so far for them. Yeah, I'm shocked.