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Seahawks 5th Round Pick: Owen Schmitt

Got me. I'll try and update this, but, yeah, I'm flummoxed.

. . .

Okay, here we go. This is a pick against Leonard Weaver. Weaver did some exciting stuff last year, but has yet to truly take to the fullback position. He's not a dominating lead blocker and still misses too many assignments pass blocking.

Ignore Schmitt's rushing numbers for a second. He made some hay in college, but his he's a short yardage and powerful straight line rusher in the pro, max. When you think Schmitt, you should think Lorenzo Neal. A punishing lead blocker. Schmitt broke 10 facemasks while playing at West Virginia. He plays with the power and meanness of a floating guard. This guy will absolutely blow guys up, into the ground and then grind them into dust.

Sorry, but this could mean sayonara Leonard Weaver. This year. However, those great fullbacks, Neal, Moran Norris, formerly Mack Strong, who create rushers, who selflessly make running games - that's Schmitt.

This is confirmation that Seattle will be moving to a power running attack, and, somewhat sadly, that Leonard Weaver's time in Seattle is running out.